Leica Camera Co. 10x42 Geovid-R Binoculars with EHR




The Leica geovid R binoculars concentrate on essentials-a high-performance optical system, reliable distance measurement and ballistic angle compensation. What's more, the geovid R models offer comfortable viewing for longer periods of observation with a classic, ergonomic design for optimum grip and fatigue-free viewing. They also provide uncompromising quality and construction ends and finish.

  • Great for bow hunters, muzzle loaders, and intermediate distance rifle shots
  • Incredible balance of performance and value
  • Displays Linear distances for a measuring range of up to 1200 yards
  • Display the equivalent horizontal range (her) for angle shots for distances from 10 meters/yards to 550 meters/600 yards
  • Her is provided immediately and automatically after the line of sight distance - pre-setting or pre-programming is not required

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