Laser Ammo Interactive Multi Target Training System (i-MTTS) 5 Targets Pack with System Controller




  • Receive immediate time feedback and more with the i-MTTS 5-Pack & System Controller Combo! The system has wireless target-to-target communications and multiple drill configurations.
  • The i-MTTS target system has 6 shooting modes: Standalone, Steel Plate Shooting, Chase the Ball, Shoot/No Shoot, Double Speed Shoot/No Shoot, and Double Tap.
  • System Controller - The System Controller serves as a wireless control unit which allows the user to control from a distance their target systems. The new i-MTTS System controller will work only with new i-MTTS targets that will be sold starting 2020.
  • A simple button will rotate between the different training programs, view, scroll and toggle between ‘split time’ and ‘total time’ performance results, set automatic or manual ‘restart, choose ‘random’ or define the delay time for the ‘start signal, define needed ‘hits’ on target, set training program length, set preferred sound and light response, extend targets range, define sub groups, and more…
  • Please note: The i-MTTS is built with modulated technology. As such, we cannot guarantee they will work with laser cartridges that are not manufactured by Laser Ammo.

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