Vanguard Pioneer 900RT Hunting Shoulder Bag 16L RealTree Xtra Camo




PIONEER 900RT is a 16 liter shoulder bag, ideal for waterfowl hunting. It will compactly fit all the essentials: shells, water, rations and personal effects, while offering external connections for additional gear and a carrying system for the waterfowl. 

• Silent, water repellent, soft and durable Tricot Realtree Xtra fabric
• Ergonomically shaped and well-padded strap with 6 built in straps to carry waterfowl
• Sturdy double sided, well balanced carrying handle
• Versatile connectors for attaching support systems
• XXL orange silicone zippers
• Modular dividers and dedicated pockets 
• Water tight pocket to keep essential personal effects secure, clean and dry
• Heat insulated pocket specially to keep snacks fresh 
• Large divider horizontally locks into place to create working platform for sketching, taking notes, checking a guide, etc.
• Water resistant bottom that is easy to clean, anti-scratch and durable 
• Total coverage orange rain cover 

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