AYIN Viking Biometric Trigger Lock, Biometric Fingerprint Gun Trigger Lock with LCD Screen, New 2023 Model, Weather & Dust Resistant IP54, Fits Most Modern Firearms

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  • RELEASES IN < 0.3 SECONDS – The Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Gun Lock uses advance edge fingerprint scanner technology for up to 10 user profiles (2 administrators, 8 users) – making it one of the safest and fastest high-security trigger locking systems in the world
  • BUILT-IN MECHANICAL OVERRIDE – The Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Gun Lock has a secondary backup override system that unlocks with a key as an alternative release solution.
  • 360 DEGREE FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION – Keep your family safe and secure your firearm when not in use while still being able to protect yourself in an instant! No more fumbling around for keys or trying to remember a combination when seconds count
  • VISUAL FEEDBACK - LCD Screen for visual confirmation of programing, battery life and fingerprint recognition. When used correctly, Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Gun Lock can reduce accidental firearm discharges. Even with Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Gun Lock engaged, firearms should be stored responsibly to eliminate unauthorized access.
  • FITS THE MAJORITY OF MODERN FIREARMS - Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns and BB Guns. Viking Biometric Fingerprint Trigger Gun Lock should ALWAYS be used while also practicing the 3 basic firearms rules: 1) Always Keep the Muzzle Pointed in a Safe Direction. 2) Always Keep a Firearm Unloaded Until Ready to Use. 3) Never Put Your Finger on the Trigger Until You are Ready to Shoot.

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