SureStrike Premium Training Kit - Laser training kit




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  • TRAIN WITH YOUR OWN HANDGUN - use our 9mm SureStrike Training Laser & accessories to train with your personal handgun, allowing for ease of transition between dry fire and live fire training.
  • SUPERIOR HIGH QUALITY LASERS - Unlike our competitors, our training lasers are made in Israel from a CNC machined stainless steel body, glass lens, and advanced laser technology, all encapsulated in one small unit. Included back cap incorporates a "sleep mode" to lengthen battery life of laser. Incorporated backcap protects firing pin, so no additional "snap cap" device is needed.
  • PERFECT ADDITION TO OUR REACTIVE TARGETS - Use your SureStrike Training Laser (CLASS I, 3.5mW) with multiple electronic targets - made to work with i-MTTS, LaserPET II, and Smokeless Range from Laser Ammo.
  • INVISIBLE LASER - Allows for an added layer of difficulty when training, as you cannot "cheat your shots". When firing pin strikes the training laser, a burst of invisible light is emitted indicated by an immediate visual and auditory response.
  • SIZE ADAPTERS AVAILABLE - Add on variety of size adapters from Laser Ammo to expand your training to various other calibers, including: 40 S&W, 10mm, 45 ACP, 45 GAP, 357 Sig, 12g, 20g, 308, 30-06, and 223.

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