VIDEO SCENARIO TRAINER PRO - Software Add On For The Smokeless Range

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The Video Scenario Trainer Pro is an add-on to the Smokeless Range for high-end professional training. Add the Video Scenario Trainer Pro to practice use-of-force and situational awareness in video based scenarios that can have multiple outcome possibilities. The software plays HD videos that can branch to different outcomes depending on how the trainee responds to the situation or instructor input. Video Scenario Trainer comes standard with over 65 pre-loaded scenarios. Build your own videos to practice use-of-force training and situational awareness. HD videos and a full branching editor allows for different outcomes.

  • UNLIMITED TRAINING SCENARIOS- VST-P Software comes preloaded with over 65 different training scenarios, plus the user has the ability to upload their own homemade custom training videos, making training possibilities endless!
  • INSTANT REPLAY- The shooter has the ability to see how they reacted to the situation that was presented to them with an after action report video replay feature, showing in slow motion where their shots landed, providing invaluable feedback on how their decisions were affected by stress, time, etc.
  • GREAT FOR POLICE, MILITARY, AND SECURITY- The Video Scenario Trainer Pro add on software allows police, military, and security personell to train in real life scenarios that they would encounter on the job so that they are prepared should the situation present itself in real life.
  • HIGH SPEED CAMERA NEEDED- Open Range software add on must be used in conjunction with Smokeless Range and High Speed Camera (included with purchase of Smokeless Range).
  • FOR USE WITH SMOKELESS RANGE- The Open Range software add on must be used in conjunction with the Smokeless Range.

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