Umarex HDS .68 Cal Paintball Gun, CO2 Self Defense Shotgun, 240 FPS (2292130)

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T4E HDS/TS .68 Caliber Marker

The T4E TS/HDS 68 .68 Caliber Paintball marker takes its design from a side-by-side shotgun pistol or a sawed-off shotgun. This marker can use .68 caliber paint or rubber balls and will launch them at 200 FPS. It can also sire chalk balls or pepper balls. The TS 68 is only 19.3 inches long and features a 7.7-inch barrel and a Quick Piercing CO2 mechanism that allows for instant charging. Also included standard on the HDS is an under-barrel Picatinny accessory rail. Shoot either of two barrels or both barrels at once! Load up your 12 gram CO2, pop two projectiles into the breech, and flip the switch to choose how to send them flying. The TS 68 is made out of sturdy polymer and aluminum.

  • Shoots .68 caliber paintballs, rubber balls, or powderballs at up to 200 fps
  • Powered by economical CO2; CO2 charge indicator shows available CO2 levels at a glance
  • Features a quick piercing CO2 chamber for easy CO2 installation and fast deployment
  • Shoot either of two barrels or both barrels at once! 2 Round Double Barrel Action with selector switch.
  • Picatinny Accessory Rail integrated into underside of barrell
 BUNDLE: By selecting the bundle option, you will receive 100x Rubber Rounds AND 5x Umarex 12g CO2
ATTENTION: Airsoft and Pellet Guns have federal regulations as well as regulations per state. Not all states share the same regulations but those regulated states have made either Airsoft / Pellet Guns illegal or have rated them as a dangerous weapon and therefor a Firearms Permit is required. For those areas, we will not ship any Airsoft / Pellet Gun products. Please see the list of areas below and always do your research when purchasing any product with specific regulations. Contact us if you have any questions!
States Restricted From All Airsoft/Airgun Products: Arkansas (Airsoft Restricted), New Jersey, California (California Residents MUST follow SB199 regarding the additional markings required for Airsoft guns. Customers are responsible for ensuring their airsoft gun meets the requirements per SB199 regulations *Does not apply to BB guns)

Cities Restricted From All Airsoft/Airgun Products Indefinitely: New York City* (5 Boroughs, Rockaways, Yonkers*), City Of Chicago & Cooks County Area, City Of Philadelphia, City Of San Francisco, City Of Washington DC

Additional Restrictions: California Residents MAY NOT purchase any Pepper Ball projectiles or devices that include Pepper Balls as per: 
PENAL CODE of CA SECTION 12401-12404

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