Stormy Kromer Tough Mitts | Ottawa


Size: Medium


  • 100% Wool
  • Deerskin - This is a rare material to use, but it's thick and rich and durable, and the palms of these mittens use real deerskin.
  • Wool-Nylon Blend - To ensure that your hands stay warm, the outers of these mittens are constructed out of a blend of wool and nylon.
  • Sherpa Lining - You would be hard-pressed to find a material for insulation and a lining that's more warm and comfortable than sherpa.
  • Weather-Proof - These mittens were designed to hold up to some of the toughest winters in the north, including snow, rain and other elements.
  • Function - These are mittens that are able to operate like gloves when it comes to the mobility and use of your fingers and hands.

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