SureStrike Shooting Drills (50 Firearms Training Cards)

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Enhance Your Training with Fifty New Drills, Designed specifically Using Reactive Targets from Laser Ammo!

SureStrike Shooting Drill Cards are designed to enhance your shooting skills and take you to the next level regardless of your experience or training. Finding quality, safe, challenging and inexpensive firearms training is always a challenge for people of all levels. Now you can have the best dry fire training on the market! This deck of 50 shooting drill cards, was carefully picked by History Channel’s Top Shot, Colin Gallagher, and approved by NRA trainers and professional shooters.

  • EXPAND YOUR TRAINING- Use the SureStrike Shooting Drills deck of cards to add fifty brand new drills to your firearms training. Drills can be used with rifle, pistol, or shotgun and have three different difficulty levels ranging from beginner, to intermediate, all the way up to advanced. Firearms safety and clearing of malfunctions also covered.
  • DESIGNED AROUND LASER AMMO ELECTRONIC TARGETS- The fifty drills in the SureStrike Shooting Drills deck of cards revolve around the electronic targets available from Laser Ammo (sold seperately): LaserPet I, LaserPet II, and i-MTTS. Combine multiple electronic targets to widen the amount of drills that you are able to complete.
  • DRY FIRE TRAINING FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS- Ensuring that the shooter is assisted in growing in their dry fire training, three different skill levels are included in the SureStrike Shooting Drills deck of cards: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • BUILD MUSCLE MEMORY- Repeating these drills continuously in your training will be of great benefit when you go to compete in your local IDPA, USPSA, and IPSC matches!
  • TRAIN AT YOUR OWN LEISURE AND PACE- The drills contained within the SureStrike Shooting Drills set of cards do not have to be completed in any particular order, so the shooter can pick and choose which drills are completed, and when.

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