Laser Ammo LM4-PTR Recoil Enabled Laser Training Rifle, Green Gas Powered, with Infrared SureStrike™ cartridge (Class I, 3.5mW)

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The Recoil Enabled Training AR15 Rifle is the best AR solution for laser based dry fire training.  Use this AR platform for safe, effective and professional rifle training. Included is the KWA LM4 PTR gas blowback airsoft rifle with the Laser Ammo FLASH adapter and your choice of an infrared (invisible) or red (visible) vibration activated SureStrikeTM  laser cartridge. The Laser Ammo Flash adapter replaces the flash suppressor adapter on the airsoft rifle. An aluminum alloy receiver houses the full steel reinforced bolt carrier for strong reliable feedback. Rifle comes fully assembled and ready to go!  Simply gas up the magazine and you're ready to start training!  Powered by green gas, you can now train with recoil for a more realistic training session.

  • Save $$$ And Train Indoors With Our Recoil Enabled Training Rifle! The Recoil Enabled Training Rifle is the best solution for training laser based dry fire training. Use this platform for safe, effective and professional rifle training.
  • Included is the LM4 PTR training rifle with the Laser Ammo FLASH adapter and invisible vibration activated SureStrike Training laser (CLASS I, 3.5mW). The Laser Ammo Flash adapter replaces the flash suppressor adapter on the training rifle.
  • Powered by green gas, you can now train with recoil for a more realistic training session. The LM4 PTR buffer tube has the same diameter of a MilSpec Stock which allows operators to customize to their configuration. Customize with your own sling, grip, and more should you wish!
  • Includes: Recoil Enabled Training Rifle w/Flash Adapter Installed Invisible SureStrike Training laser (CLASS I, 3.5mW) user guide Training magazine Allen key Spare set screws Batteries for your training laser
    Training Rifle Weight: 9.2 lbs Training Rifle Dimensions 41 x 10.25 x 3.75 in


Rifle Weight

 9.2 lbs

Rifle Dimensions

 41 x 10.25 x 3.75 in

Length Retracted


Length Extended


Outer Barrel Length


Inner Barrel Length


Inner Barrel Diameter


Magazine Capacity

 40 Rounds

Weight (with mag)


Rate of Fire

 12.6+ RPS


 335-360 FPS

Energy Output (with 0.20g BB)

 1.20 Joules

Gas System

 Force Velocity


 Green Gas

ATTENTION: Airsoft and Pellet Guns have federal regulations as well as regulations per state. Not all states share the same regulations but those regulated states have made either Airsoft / Pellet Guns illegal or have rated them as a dangerous weapon and therefor a Firearms Permit is required. For those areas, we will not ship any Airsoft / Pellet Gun products. Please see the list of areas below and always do your research when purchasing any product with specific regulations. Contact us if you have any questions!
States Restricted From All Airsoft/Airgun Products: Arkansas, New Jersey, California (Item Not Restricted In CA If Airsoft Is SB199 Compliant, does not apply to standard Air Guns)
Cities Restricted From All Airsoft/Airgun Products Indefinitely: New York City (5 Boroughs, Rockaways, Yonkers), City Of Chicago & Cooks County Area, City Of Philadelphia, City Of San Francisco, City Of Washington DC

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