SureStrike - L.A.S.R. Range Kit (9,40,45 + L.A.S.R.)

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A range in your own home! Take your training to the next level in the comfort of your own home with an indoor virtual range. Time, money and a busy schedule are all excuses we have used, not make it to the range. Finally, an affordable and easy-to-use laser training system. Choose the SureStrikeTM, add the L.A.S.R. Professional software, and a regular webcam. Imagine a laser-based software that turns your home or office into a personal shooting range. With the price of ammo on the rise, the SureStrikeTM L.A.S.R. Range will pay for itself in no time. While the L.A.S.R. Professional software keeps track of technical details, you can concentrate on improving your shooting skills. Load the SureStrike™ Laser cartridge into your own firearm, to train with what you know, carry and use.

After setting up the L.A.S.R. Professional software onto your computer, just point your webcam at your choice of targets. Use the software to easily overlay up to 9 computerized digital strike zones on your physical targets, and dry-fire away. The software and webcam will detect shot placement and provide you with instant audio and visual feedback. The L.A.S.R. Professional software allows you to take control of your training by tracking shot placement and time, even allowing you to save your targets and accomplishments to track improvement over time.

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