SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LTE Cellular Trail Camera - 80-foot Detection and Flash Range - 0.5 Second Trigger Speed - 10MP Capture - (Verizon Or AT&T Service)

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  • [Industry Leading Value] The LINK-MICRO-LTE offers not only cutting-edge camera performance, but it is also where you can access the tools and features that make SPYPOINT the mobile scouting solution.
  • [Ultra-Compact Design] The LINK-MICRO-LTE is remarkably small for any trail camera, but even more so when you consider it is a cellular camera. This design makes the LINK-MICRO-LTE easy to conceal, and keeps wary eyes from spotting the camera.
  • [Reduce Human Impact] Nothing impacts the game you hunt more than human pressure. Moving your scouting camera strategy to a cellular approach allows you to visit your hunting areas less, thereby reducing the stress on the animals that live there.
  • [Mobile Scouting Solution] SPYPOINT delivers the definitive mobile scouting solution for the modern hunter. SPYPOINT gives you the advanced scouting tools that help you analyze that data to establish patterns and a plan to be successful.
  • [Easy to Understand Photo Transmission Plans] SPYPOINT also offers the $10 TRULY UNLIMITED plan. You can choose the carrier model that provides the best service where your device is placed, regardless of your personal service carrier.

Trail Camera


The LINK-MICRO-LTE from SPYPOINT pairs the most popular cellular trail camera in years, with the ultra-reliable LTE cellular network. The LINK-MICRO-LTE is a remarkably compact and affordable cellular trail camera, challenging traditional expectations of performance and value the hunter can expect from a camera.


No cellular trail camera delivers more for less. The LINK-MICRO-LTE, the biggest value in cellular trail cameras, brings the most exciting and innovative hunting technology of the last decade to a point that any hunter can appreciate.


The LINK-MICRO-LTE offers the perfect balance of cellular technology and a simplified platform, unburdened by complicated features. This balance can be appreciated by both tech-savvy hunters, and those new to cellular trail camera technology.


  • 1) Choose the carrier model that offers the best coverage at your hunting location
  • 2) Download the SPYPOINT mobile app
  • 3) Follow the easy “activate new camera” prompt in the app
  • 4) Install SD card and batteries
  • 5) Power on camera
  • 6) Start receiving photos

Photo Transmission Plans

From camera management to advanced scouting options, the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE truly is the definitive mobile scouting solution. As the only company to offer both a free, and unlimited plan, the SPYPOINT photo transmission plans are the easiest to understand, and most affordable plans you can find.


Choose the advanced scouting tools that fit the way and seasons that you hunt, so you know the experience is customized to how you want to use it graphic of the scouting packages. Receive the Full-HD images in your app, without going to the camera to recover your card so you can see exactly what is lurking in the shadows. We have the video of how this works. Refer friends and earn rewards. The SPYPOINT referral program has no limits to how many times you can use it and earn. We have the video showing how this works as well.

SPYPOINT Trail Camera Application Hunting Device

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