SPYPOINT Flex G-36 Cellular Trail Camera, 36MP Photos and 1080p Videos with Sound, GPS Enabled, Dual-Sim LTE Connectivity, 100' Flash & Detection Range, Responsive Trigger up to .3S…

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The SPYPOINT FLEX G-36 takes the already highly acclaimed performance of the FLEX, and pushes the boundaries even further, with improved battery life, further enhanced connectivity as well as the addition of a new supported carrier, and increased photo resolution.

  • CELLULAR TRAIL CAMERA - Receive photos right on your phone, tablet, or computer via the SPYPOINT app thanks to cellular trail camera technology. Without needing to go into the woods to pull an SD card to see what has been happening in the woods, you can keep an eye on your property, scout for the coming hunting season, or just enjoy watching wildlife from your home, office, or virtually anywhere else you can use your phone.
  • 36MP PHOTOS - Catch incredible detail you never thought possible in a trail camera with hunting night vision thanks to 36MP photos. When you're scouting ahead of an important hunting season, the key to success lies in the details. With a cellular game camera - crisp, clear photos, you get the details you need.
  • 1080p VIDEO WITH SOUND - Sometimes you want to feel like you're actually in the woods seeing the action go down. For times like that, the video mode of the FLEX G-36 is invaluable. The 1080p videos also capture sound, so you can immerse yourself in the scouting information you're getting with the use of hunting & trail cameras. You would always rather be there yourself, but when you can't be, let stunning videos deliver the next best thing, right to the palm of your hand.
  • IMPROVED BATTERY LIFE - The FLEX G-36 offers an optimized and refined trail camera that outperforms previous battery life. Cutting down on visits to the camera is critical to a successful hunting season, and the longer you can go without needing to visit to swap batteries, the better for you and your season.
  • TRUE DUAL-SIM CONFIGURATION - Turn the FLEX G-36 on and let it find the best possible signal, regardless of carrier. It really is that easy. You don't have to choose a carrier model because two sim cards are included and preactivated. No choosing carriers. No swapping sim cards. No worrying about network connectivity. The FLEX G-36 is always monitoring network performance, and can even switch networks if conditions dictate. If you want a reliable connection, the FLEX G-36 is for you.

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