Speaqua Barnacle Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with 4 GB Memory - Tidal Blue (Balaram Stack)




The Barnacle + is the world’s first functionally waterproof, floatable speaker with 4GB of built-in memory. You can now store 1,000 songs directly onto your speaker, while leaving your phone behind and saving its battery life. IP68 waterproof, dustproof and sandproof construction ensures that if it falls overboard, gets dunked by a wave or takes a blast of sand to the face, it still comes up jamming your music. Integrated industrial-strength suction cup mounts securely to any smooth, flat surface for quick mounting that doesn’t require tools, or additional gear. The buoyant design always floats with the speaker facing upward so the music comes through loud & clear. Bluetooth® connectivity up to 33 ft. lets you stream from any compatible device, while built-in caller ID and microphone allow you to take phone calls on the fly. 

It’s simple, compact, durable by design, and focuses on the highly functional features you value.

Included USB charging cable.

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