Laser Ammo 1911 Recoil Enabled Laser Training Pistol, Green Gas Powered, with Infrared SureStrike™ cartridge (Class I, 3.5mW)




  • 21st Century Technology In A Classic 1911 Platform The Laser Ammo recoil enabled training pistol brings to life the classic and familiar 1911 .45ACP handgun platform for enhanced realistic indoor training on any of Laser Ammo’s electronic targets or Smokeless Range shooting simulator.
  • Powered by green gas and shipped with 2 training magazines, you are now able to train not only with recoil, but practice your mag swaps as well!
  • This training gun comes equipped with invisible training laser (CLASS I, 3.5mA) This product is covered by US patent No: US 8568143B1
  • Features Laser Ammo 1911 Recoil Training Gun Invisible SureStrike Training laser (CLASS I, 3.5mA) User Guide 2 Training magazines Allen key spare set screw battery for Training laser

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