OPEN RANGE - Software Add On for Smokeless Range

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The open range- a powerful shooting range PROGRAM that allows you to customize how and where you train! the open range is an add-on feature to the popular smokeless range(r) judgment simulator the open range is a powerful training PROGRAM for serious shooters and law enforcement training, designed to offer you the ability to train the way you want without the prohibitive price. With the included course Editor, open range allows you to create and design your own training courses the way you want them to be. Place, move and resize over 20 pre-loaded targets so they are Laid out the way you want them to be. Add motions to them like pop-up or knock down as well as sounds like steel targets to help make the training all the more Real. Users can choose to create courses indoors or outside, with metal or paper targets, and so much more! once you are done training, the built in after action review allows you to see your shot placement along with reaction and split times.

  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE- Custom create your very own training courses with custom range layouts, adjustable target sizes, create reactive targets that knock down, pop up, use simulated paper or metal targets, and much more!
  • REVIEW YOUR PROGRESS- After each course of fire, the shooter will be able to review their progress within the built in after action report and see where they excelled, as well as where improvement is needed.
  • FOR USE WITH SMOKELESS RANGE- The Open Range software add on must be used in conjunction with the Smokeless Range.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL- The ability to custom create your very own training drills is ideal for both the recreational shooter, as well as competitive shooters looking to keep their skills sharp, while in the comfort of their own home! Create training scenarios that mimic what you will use in live fire during courses, competition, and much more!
  • HIGH SPEED CAMERA NEEDED- Open Range software add on must be used in conjunction with Smokeless Range and High Speed Camera (included with purchase of Smokeless Range).

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