LITE BOOTS All-Season Waterproof Men's Slip-On Boot

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  • LITE BOOTS are the benchmark in ultra-lightweight toughness, next-generation comfort and ease of use. These boots set the benchmark for ultra-lightweight footwear, providing a comfortable and effortless wearing experience. Whether you're engaged in all-weather hunting and fishing, farm and ranching activities, or home and gardening tasks, LITE BOOTS are guaranteed to be game-changers in terms of performance and comfort.
  • These boots are specifically engineered to excel in various outdoor activities, offering unmatched protection and durability. No matter the weather conditions or terrain, LITE BOOTS will keep you comfortable and secure. Their cutting-edge design incorporates technologically advanced materials and manufacturing processes, resulting in a boot that outperforms any other boot in its category manufactured in North America.
  • LITE BOOTS utilize a one-piece injection-molded construction that eliminates the need for glued seams, ensuring they remain 100% waterproof. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with delamination, cracking, or leakage.
  • The innovative design of LITE BOOTS includes a unique feature that sets them apart: the boots contain millions of microscopic air cells. This advanced technology allows for self-regulated temperature control, providing warmth even in down-right-cold conditions. So, no matter how harsh the weather may be, you can trust that LITE BOOTS will keep your feet comfortably warm.
  • Additionally, as you wear them, the soft comfort of LITE BOOTS only improves over time. They adapt to the shape of your feet, creating a fit-forming experience and offering semi-custom foot beds. This results in a moccasin-like weight and supreme comfort, making LITE BOOTS an excellent choice for prolonged wear.
  • 100% waterproof, seamless one-piece design!
  • Insulated (temp rating 10-80 degrees F)
  • Weight only 13oz per boot! (size 10)
  • Less than half the weight of similar waterproof boots
  • Very durable!
  • Does not come with insole, the insole is built into the boot itself and is Very comfortable, No More Boot Dryers!
  • Very easy to get on and off!
  • Rugged outsole for better traction in wet and muddy conditions
  • ***Sizing: We have worked hard to get our sizing just right, but with molded boots it is very tricky. The boots fit pretty "true to size", and if you are a 1/2 size we recommend “rounding up”. (if you wear an 11.5, you should get a 12)

    ***Calf Width: If you have larger calves the top of the boot could be tight on your calf. The top of these boots are approximately 18.5 inches (men's size 11). We now offer a wide-calf model found on our products page.

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