LaserPET II + 9mm Cartridge IR

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This is a full training system that includes the most advanced reactive target in the market with a high quality 9mm Red or IR SureStrike laser cartridge for your 9mm pistol. No additional equipment needed.

This system provides immediate feedback by focusing on their draw time, accuracy, reloads and much more. It's completely portable, can fit in any range bag, be used in most environments and proven to enhance every shooter's abilities.

Training with your Single-action firearm, you will get immediate feedback on your first shot. Using a double-action firearm will allow you to track your split and elapse times for up to 6 different shots.

For even more professional training, using an invisible Infrared (IR) laser is highly recommended to insure you are using your sights instead of focusing on your target. This is by far the best training tool to improve your shooting skills.

The LaserPET II comes standard with six training programs including:
• Hit counter, counts the number of consecutive hits
• Shot timer/fast draw, measures how fast you can hit the target in one shot
• Pressured shooting/trigger control, counts the number of hits within a pre-set time slot
• Double tap/reload timer, measures your speed between the 1st and 2nd hit
• Multiple Shot Timer/elapsed time, measure your time between start to multiple hits
• Multiple Shot Timer, split time, measure your split time between consecutive hits

Laser Ammo LaserPET II Features

  • LaserPET II Electronic Target Features
  • Six interactive training programs
  • Shot Timer for up to 6 hits
  • Score display in Split or Elapsed Time
  • User defined settings for sound, delay, shot number and more
  • Bright 4 Digit Numeric Led Display
  • Flash and Sound feedback for each shot
  • Compatible with Red and IR SureStrike lasers - choose one option
  • For Indoor & Shaded Outdoor Use
  • Changeable Hit Zone Size From 0.5" To 1.8"
  • Battery power level indicator
  • AAA battery-powered (included) or external Micro USB charger (not included)
  • SureStrike Laser Cartridge Features
  • Train with your own firearms
  • Includes sleep-mode for an extended battery life
  • Built in snap cap to protect your firing pin
  • Durable laser, stainless steel casing and glass lens
  • Patented technology and design for superior performance
  • 5,000 shots guaranteed, affordable replacement action cap available
  • Adapters available for all major calibers including shotgun and rifle
Laser Pet II
Improves draw speed and acuracy

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