Laser PET II Portable Electronic Target

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Train with six Interactive Training Programs Anywhere, Anytime with This Portable Electronic Target. Combine Multiple Units to Create an extensive Custom Training Scenario

This a full training system that includes the most advanced reactive target in the market with a high quality 9mm Red or IR Sure Strike laser cartridge for your 9mm pistol. No additional equipment needed. This system provides immediate feedback by focusing on their draw time, accuracy, reloads and much more. It’s completely portable, can fit in any range bag, be used in most environments and proven to enhance every shooter’s abilities.

  • WORKS WITH ALL SURESTRIKE LASER CARTRIDGES - Designed to work with all red or IR Laser Ammo SureStrike laser cartridges. Not compatible with lasers not manufactured by Laser Ammo (ex: LaserLyte/Sirt)
  • PERSONALIZED TRAINING- Improve your marksmanship skills with this personalized electronic target with a variety of target inserts. Design custom training scenarios and layouts (indoors and shaded outdoors) depending on your individual needs. Ideal training tool for those who are looking to improve their marksmanship skills, speed and accuracy, drawing out of a holster, record split and lapse times (up to six shots), and many more. Simulate match stages and shave seconds off your time! Improve yo
  • PORTABLE & COMPACT- Compact size, coupled with an included tripod, allows for ease of training anywhere, anytime. Train indoors, shaded outdoors, in the office, on vacation… the possibilities are endless!
  • SIX TRAINING PROGRAMS INCLUDED- Work on draw speed, accuracy of consecutive hits, trigger control, double taps & reloads, split times, and much more! Customize your training session by programming your LaserPet II to define settings for delay time, number of shots, auditory response of hits on target, measuring split times between shots, etc.
  • TWO WAYS TO CHARGE- Charge the target while at home or on the go! Unit can be ran via three AAA batteries or charged via Micro USB.
Laser Pet II
Improves draw speed and acuracy

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