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Safety is always our number one priority! The red nut will align the cartridge and safety pipe to the center of the barrel. Since it sticks out of the end of the barrel it will be used as a visual indication that the gun can not be used with live ammunition. The Safety nut secures the Safety Pipe (long or short) to the barrel to ensure safety and accuracy. The Safety Nut also indicates that a Sure Strike is in the weapon and that the weapon is secure.

  • VISUAL SAFETY INDICATOR- The red safety nut provides a visual indicator that the firearm is clear of ammunition
  • INDICATED SURESTRIKE SAFETY PIPE INSTALLED- The red safety nut indicates that a SureStrike Safety Pipe (of any size) is installed in the firearm, which also means that live ammunition cannot be used in its current state.
  • SECURE YOUR SAFETY PIPE- The red safety nut will secure your SureStrike safety pipe, ensuring you have the highest accuracy possible as it will properly align the cartridge and safety pipe to the center of the barrel.
  • INCLUDED IN KITS- The red safety nut is automatically included when you purchase any SureStrike Laser Cartridge Kit and/or any SureStrike Caliber Adapter Kit

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