Laser Ammo SureStrike Hunting Pack - 20 Gauge

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Make every shot count with the SureStrikeTM Hunting Pack! The Hunting Pack includes one SureStrikeTM 9mm red visible Laser Cartridge with a multi-mode back cap and your choice of a 12G shotgun adapter, 20G shotgun adapter, 308 rifle adapter or 30-06 rifle adapter. 

The 9mm SureStrikeTM Laser Cartridge comes pre-assembled inside the adapter.

  • TRAIN WITH YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT - Use our SureStrike Training Laser (CLASS I, 3.5mW) to train with your personal firearm, creating the most realistic training scenario for your hunt. Train for perfect shot placement on your game of choice with a laser training system for your firearm.
  • SUPERIOR HIGH QUALITY LASERS (CLASS I, 3.5mW) - Unlike our competitors, our lasers are made from a CNC machined steel body, glass lens, and advanced laser technology, all encapsulated in one small unit
  • PERFECT ADDITION TO OUR REACTIVE TARGETS - Made to work with i-MTTS, LaserPET I & II, and Smokeless Range from Laser Ammo. Ideal training tool for both competition (IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, 3-Gun, etc) and self defense.
  • RED VISIBLE LASERS (CLASS I, 3.5mW) - Upon firing, the SureStrike Training Laser emits a red laser beam allowing for instant visual feedback of where your shot landed on the target
  • SAVE BIG BUCKS ON THE COST OF HUNTING AMMUNITION - Hunting ammunition is not cheap! Take advantage of this laser training system to save money while you perfect your shot!

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