Laser Ammo SureStrike .223 Cartridge

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The Laser Ammo 223 SureStrike Trainer Laser lets you simply drop the cartridge into your AR15 chamber and start practicing! Like all the laser training cartridges from Laser Ammo, this modular cartridge enables you to convert the Laser Ammo SureStrike 223 Laser Sight Cartridge to any other caliber by adding the appropriate caliber adaptor and / or accessories.

The Laser Ammo 223 SureStrike Laser Trainer Cartridge fits in the chamber and is activated by the firing pin when the trigger is pulled, emitting an eye safe laser pulse to simulate the point of impact where a bullet would have struck. The immediate feedback from the Laser Ammo SureStrike 223 Cartridge Laser Trainer transforms dry fire into a powerful learning experience.

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