Laser Ammo Glock 19 Recoil Enabled Training Pistol, Green Gas Powered, with Infrared SureStrike™ cartridge (Class I, 3.5mW)




  • Lightweight, rugged injection molded polymer frame with aluminum alloy slide

  • Fully licensed by GLOCK with complete roll marks on the slide and logos molded to the frame

  • This GLOCK 19 Recoil Laser Training Pistol is functionally identical to the firearm that inspires it and is Glock authorized. Shooters will appreciate the familiar ergonomics, take down, metal slide, drop free magazine, realistic blowback action, and enhanced grip texture

  • Laser Ammo recoil enabled training pistol brings to life the classic and familiar Glock 19 platform for enhanced realistic indoor training on any of Laser Ammo’s electronic targets or Smokeless Range shooting simulator.

  • Comes equipped with a SureStrike invisible training laser (CLASS I, 3.5mW)

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