Laser Ammo Recoil Enabled Glock 17 SureStrike Training Laser Device (Class I, 3.5mW) for use Training Targets and Systems (Red or IR Laser)

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  • Realistic & Safe Training with Recoil at Your Department or Office! This GLOCK 17 Gen 5 replica faithfully replicates the same external features as the real Glock Gen 5.
  • Shooters will appreciate the familiar ergonomics, take down, metal slide, drop free magazine, realistic blowback action, and enhanced grip texture.
  • Licensed by GLOCK, Made by Umarex Elite Force, and modified by Laser Ammo to include our custom REAL conversion barrel with high quality SureStrike vibration training laser (Invisible laser Class 1, 3.5mW) for the ultimate dry fire training experience!
  • The G17 Gen5 works with many aftermarket accessories designed for GLOCK pistols such as gun lights, holsters, etc. This Gen 5 GLOCK features the latest power system valve which provides incredible recoil impulse, easy to adjust hop-up, and efficient use of the green gas!
  • Ideal for use on the i-MTTS target system & Smokeless Range shooting simulator! Powered by green gas & spare mags available!

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