Laser Ammo Dry Fire Training Back cap

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  • PROTECTS YOUR FIRING PIN - The 9mm dry fire back cap will protect your firing pin during use. No need for an additional "snap-cap"like device.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND OPERATION - Simply screw onto your 9mm SureStrike Training Laser, and you are all set!
  • USE WITH ALL TARGETS - The SureStrike 9mm Dry Fire Back Cap will activate all Laser Ammo electronic targets and simulators (such as the Smokeless Range, LaserPet I & II, and I-MTTS targets).
  • GUARANTEED FOR 5000 SHOTS - The SureStrike 9mm Dry Fire Back Cap is guaranteed for 5000 shots, keeping your firing pin 100% safe during use!
  • INTERCHANGEABLE - This back cap can be used to replace the cap on all SureStrike 9mm Training Lasers and can be used with all available size adapters (excluding .38SP/357, .380, 223, Makarov, and vibration)

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