Laser Ammo 20 Gauge Shotgun Adapter

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The only shotgun dry fire training system in existence! Train with your 20 Gauge shotgun on all of our electronic targets or simulator. Add the boresight cap and practice clay shooting!

Laser Ammo has developed the 20 gauge shotgun capsule adapter. The 9mm SureStrike™ laser cartridge is fitted into the detachable capsule front end, which is screwed shut with the end cap. The capsule is then inserted into the chamber of a shotgun. This feature is especially convenient for police officers, who can use the same laser bullet to train with both their service pistol and shotgun.

The shotgun adapter must be used with a 9mm Laser Cartridge. The cartridge is purchased separately, it is not included with the adapter. You do not need to use the safety pipe or nut with the shotgun adapter. 

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