L.A.S.R. Professional Software License- State of The Art Laser Activated Shot Reporter

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The L.A.S.R. Pro software provides the user with instant feedback on shot placement and times. When shooting with the sure strike, the software detects the laser pulse, emits an audible tone, marks the location of the shot, and notes the time. 

  • INSTANT FEEDBACK PROVIDED- The L.A.S.R. (laser activated shot reporter) software provides instant feedback when your shot hits (or misses) the target being used. Software also records time, location of hits, and audible signal when target is struck.
  • USE WITH SURESTRIKE LASERS- The L.A.S.R. is intended for use with Laser Ammo's wide variety of SureStrike laser cartridges in either IR laser or a red (visible) laser.
  • HARDWARE SOLD SEPERATELY- Use the L.A.S.R. (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) with your own laptop meeting minimum system requirements on Laser Ammo website.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS- With the L.A.S.R. (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) software, you can save targets for both yourself and multiple shooters for later analysis, and to track progress over time.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE- With the L.A.S.R. (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) software, you can adjust hit size diameter, calibration to ambient light, hit colors, time delay for random start timer, reaction of targets (varying sounds), action of targets once target is hit, and much more.

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