IR Camera + Recoil Enabled Software- 21st Century Plug and Play Laser Based Training System

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Military veterans who are dedicated to providing serious training to serious people. Our technical team works tirelessly to bring our customers the most advanced training technology and highest quality available with one singular goal: creating better shooters. Among our customers are military units, law enforcement agencies, NRA instructors, and thousands of private firearms owners around the world. People who own guns want to learn to shoot them faster and more accurately, people just like you.

  • COMPATIBILITY- The IR Camera + Recoil Enabled Software is compatible with any IR laser training aid
  • "PLUG AND PLAY"- With this unit, there is no need to change any software on your computer, and the required drivers will download and install automatically.
  • TARGET PROVIDED- Upon installation, the IR webcam will provide the user with an easy to use realistic image as their target.
  • AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENTS- The IR camera will make the needed focus and exposure adjustments automatically, allowing for the best viewing and presentation of th etarget, and creating a very user friendly laser based training system.
  • MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS- Minimum system requirements are available on the Laser Ammo website (user will be using unit with their computer at home). Minimum requirements are also available online for customer's who plan to use unit with the L.A.S.R. IR camera.

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