HOLOSUN- HS403B Compact Micro Red Dot Optic-2MOA Dot Sight




About this item

  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY: Holosun’s Shake Awake technology turns off the LED function when times of inactivity are detected. The time it takes for LED to power down is completely user-programmable and customizable.

  • OPTICAL SIGHT: The HS403B is a 20mm micro-optical sight designed for shooting equipment and carbine applications, built with 50,000 hours of battery life.

  • INNOVATION: Holosun maintains a commitment to creating innovative optic and laser/IR technologies for a wide range of shooting, hunting, law enforcement and military needs.

  • WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING: Customers love the clear lenses, easy to adjust brightness settings, and when not in use, if left on, it shuts down and goes into sleep mode. -Satisfied Customer(June 2018)

  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Try the Holosun HS403C, a micro red dot sight with automatic brightness adjustment. The HS403C utilized solar failsafe and shake awake technology while providing the micro red dot with clarity.

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