Hodag Licking Stick System - Low Pressure, Natural Way To Inventory and Pattern Deer Year-Round Without Using Bait and Minerals. (Complete System, Blendin Tan)

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  • COMPLETE LICKING STICK SYSTEM to powerfully attract the largest, most dominant whitetail bucks in the area. We discovered this secret by accident when deer were videoed congregating around a lonely sapling in the middle of a field. Then we duplicated that success over and over. Now, for the first time, you can create your own Licking Stick with this complete kit.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE DEER ATTRACTANT from our proprietary curiosity scent. This system is used by deer to establish dominance and keep track of members of the herd. Deer will return to your Licking Stick to mark their natural scent on the stick and also check what other deer have been there. Lets you train the most dominant bucks to regularly gather near your hunting blind or favorite hiding spot.
  • FLEXPLATE BASE with 2 anchoring stakes is easy to quickly put in place. Then you add a cut sapling to the spring which won’t be trampled or broken. This makes the perfect licking stick that naturally attracts deer who have a strong sense of curiosity. This will appeal to their need to establish a communal marking spot.
  • 8oz ALL SEASON SCENT is our proven formula for attracting deer. This works year round to bring bucks, does, and yearlings straight to your licking stick. Makes your creation the center of their natural society so deer gather each day around the licking stick. It's the most successful whitetail communication system ever created.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA for the hunter or naturalist in your life. Creates hours of fun to be able to watch or photograph deer in their natural habitat. Great for putting near a camp, weekend home, or hunting spot.

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