HODAG AllSeason Deer Communication Activation Scent - Low Pressure, Natural Way to Inventory & Pattern Deer Year Round. Use with The Licking Stick System.

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  • PUT DEER ON A SPOT OF YOUR CHOICE. Deer will communicate by freshening or scent marking the spot with their natural glands that can reap huge rewards for any hunter who is looking to attract more deer.
  • GET MORE BUCKS ON CAMERA with this proprietary blend designed to specifically “trigger” or “start” the natural deer communication process of scent marking using their own various glands. Stop a deer in a specific spot for a photo or shot opportunity. Most effective when used in areas with deer traffic.
  • EASY TO INVENTORY, PATTERN, HUNT. Once a Licking Stick is established, most or all of the deer in the area will visit with frequency. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the deer in the area, how often they visit and give you an educated idea of where and when to hunt. As new deer enter the area, it’s the first place they go to gather information.
  • CONTAINS NO DEER OR ANIMAL GLANDS, SECRETIONS, OR URINE. Safe to Use. Made up of 100% natural organic compounds. Not designed to mimic any deer fluids.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS USE WITH HODAG LICKING STICK SYSTEM. By using the system, the stick visually changes the environment and a deer’s natural curiosity gets them interested in the area. The AllSeason Scent jump starts or stimulates the first interaction, which begins the scent marking process.

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