Fast Draw Simulator Add-on

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$237.50 $250


Train with your 45 Long Colt revolver (or any other caliber) at home and train to be accurate to the hundredth of a second!

Save on your ammunition cost and time; use the training or competition mode (up to two shooters at a time)!

The Western Fast Draw add-on to the Smokeless Range® was developed to help the top shooters in the field with realistic training in mind.

From the look of the target and the timing to the ability to adjust the size and height of the target, the Western Fast Draw will allow you to train just like being at the range.

Invite your friends or best competition and show them who the fastest shooter alive is! There is no other simulator like it!

*Fast Draw does not include a high speed camera

**Fast Draw is available only as an add on to the Smokeless Range®. Customers must have the Smokeless Range and Camera in order to use this software.

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