EOTECH G33.STS.BLK G33 Magnifier with Switch to Side Mount, Black Finish

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Chosen and trusted by tip-of-the-spear U.S Armed Forces, our battle-tested G33™ Magnifier mounts directly behind an EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS). Delivers fast transitioning from 3X to 1X, tool-free vertical and horizontal adjustments, larger field-of-view, and an adjustable diopter for improved, precise focusing. When used with HWS Models 518, 558, and EXPS (with side-button interface), the user can easily operate the sight even with the magnifier engaged.
    • Holographic sight
    • EOTECH G33.STS - 3x Magnifier in BLACK
    • Magnification - Fixed 3x magnification in compact design
    • Quick Transitions - Switch-to-Side mount allows instant transitions between 1x and 3x magnification
    • Hws Compatible - Works with all EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights
    • EOTECH HWS Prestige Warranty - Comes with 10 year limited warranty
    EOTECH G33 Holographic Weapon Sight HWS reticle view shooting accessory attachment rifle scope
    EOTECH G33 HWS holographic weapon sight magnifier shooting accessory attachment range reticle view
    ATTENTION: Airsoft and Pellet Guns have federal regulations as well as regulations per state. Not all states share the same regulations but those regulated states have made either Airsoft / Pellet Guns illegal or have rated them as a dangerous weapon and therefor a Firearms Permit is required. For those areas, we will not ship any Airsoft / Pellet Gun products. Please see the list of areas below and always do your research when purchasing any product with specific regulations. Contact us if you have any questions!
    States Restricted From All Airsoft/Airgun Products: Arkansas, New Jersey, California (Item Not Restricted In CA If Airsoft Is SB199 Compliant, does not apply to standard Air Guns)
    Cities Restricted From All Airsoft/Airgun Products Indefinitely: New York City (5 Boroughs, Rockaways, Yonkers), City Of Chicago & Cooks County Area, City Of Philadelphia, City Of San Francisco, City Of Washington DC

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