Diamond Smokeless Range Simulator Combo Package - Short Throw Camera- All-in-One Fully Comprehensive smokeless Range Combo Package with 10 Training simulators

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  • INCLUDES 9 SIMULATORS: This all-in-one package includes the following 10 simulators to fit all of your training needs: Smokeless Range, Open Range 2.0, Game Range Alpha, M-Range, Video Scenario Trainer Pro, Tactical Targets, Competitive Shooter IPSC Challenge, Fast Draw, Steel Challenge and Western Shooter.
  • FOR USE WITH - The Diamond Smokeless Range Simulator Combo Package is designed to be used with either one of the SureStrike Laser Cartridges/SureStrike Laser Cartridge Kits installed in your own personal firearm, or one of the recoil enabled training pistols (both from Laser Ammo, purchased separately, not included in package)
  • SHORT THROW CAMERA OR STANDARD CAMERA - A short-throw camera and short-throw projector can get closer to the screen. The Standard Smokeless Range 2.0 camera ratio is 1:1.6. The ratio for the short-throw is 1:0.5. For example, if your screen size is 10 feet by 10 feet, with a regular camera, the camera and projector need to be ~16 feet away from the screen. With a short throw camera, you can be ~ 5 feet away from the screen.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL - The included marksmanship and recreational training drills are ideal for both the recreational shooter, as well as competitive shooters looking to keep their skills sharp, while in the comfort of their own home!

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