DFX Iron Power Force Steel Gyro Metal Powerball, Black




If you're craving the very next level in gyroscopic fitness, the iron power force two gyro is what you have been looking for. The iron power force two gyro utilizes German precision engineering to create up to 16,5 RPM and 55 pounds of silky-smooth dynamic resistance in the palm of your hand. Not only will you get an awesome workout - thanks to the raw power of iron power force two gyro - but it also looks amazing sitting on your desk or coffee table enclosed in its metal display case. The iron power force two features a new compact design which sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and enables greater control over the gyro. Describing the iron power experience is challenging at best, because you have never felt anything like it before. But imagine a sphere the approximate size of a tennis ball that feels as though you are lifting a 55 pound dumbbell when spinning at full speed. This may sound impossible, but it's true. The faster the iron power force two gyro spins, the more resistance is automatically added. This exerciser is perfect for the experienced powerballer, mixed martial artist or extreme athlete looking for a challenge or a way. to get a competitive edge in their sport of choice. 

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