Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+

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The Deeper PRO+ is simply the most powerful castable sonar ever - it casts further and scans deeper. But what really sets the PRO+ apart is its integrated GPS. Now you can map any water you fish from the shore – just cast out your PRO+, reel it in, and see detailed depth data added to your map in real time. And of course you can use it for trolling and ice fishing. Powerful and versatile, the PRO+ will help you make every cast count. Wi-Fi connected wireless, castable, portable smart fishfinder; NO Internet or Cellular data required! Compatible with iOS and Android Perfect tool for all styles of fishing: shore-, ice-, bank-, boat-, kayak-, river-, float tube fishing; operating on Fresh water and Salt water The only portable sonar on the market with GPS enabled onshore bathymetric mapping feature! Create your map and analyze it on your PC via Lakebook The best connection range of portable sonar on the market – 330ft! Mark anything up to 0.5in sized bodies in a water up to depth of 260ft Shore and boat anglers who need all mapping functions plus enhanced casting range and accuracy

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