Deeper Flexible Arm Mount 2.0




The Deeper Flexible Arm Mount 2.0 enables you to create a high-capacity sonar system with your Deeper Smart Sonar, your kayak or float tube. Simply screw in your Deeper Sonar, arm the arm to your vessel and you're ready to create incredible bathymetric maps or pinpoint your targets from your boat. The Flexible Arm Mount 2.0 has a range of new features that improve usability and versatility. Foremost among these is its Wave Rider Motion Responsive Design, which enables your Deeper Smart Sonar to float on the service of the water by moving up and down with any waves. It also offers more secure and versatile mounting to your vessel thanks to its 70 mm G-Clamp. The length has been extended to 79cm / 31in, offering a greater range of vessels.

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