Cooper Hunting 2020 Chameleon + Gun Blind & TM100 Tree Mount, Mossy Oak




  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY – The Chameleon+ is the ONLY treestand blind in the industry with a 3 year warranty. Our warranty not only covers manufacture defects and broken rods, it covers abnormal fading. If your blind turns colors, WE WILL REPLACE IT, no questions ask. You are our greatest asset and we are here to serve you. We know you’re investing into your passion and we want to give the peace of mind to know that you can go hunting and stay dry, stay concealed and have the freedom to move around.
  • FITS ALL STANDS – At 48” wide x 84” tall, the Chameleon+ will work with climber stands, buddy stands, single ladder stands, tripods, lock-ons or right on the ground. NEW Double Hexagon Rod System provides added stability & support for those windy days. The rod system is designed using high strength, 10mm, fiberglass rods with a shock cord through the center. The rod couplers are 22° angles to reduce the stressed placed on the rods which means you shouldn’t ever need replacements.
  • FAST SETUP – Assembly is fast and easy with the NEW 2020 Chameleon+ because now it includes the Tree Mount (TM100) as well as a zippered roof. The two-piece TM100 allows you to assemble the blind on the ground, climb your stand, attach the receiver to the tree, pull your blind up (only 5 lbs.) and lock it in place with ease. The TM100 and the zippers guarantee perfect assembly every time. The roof features an adjustment strap for leveling or changing your field of view. Setup time about 5 min
  • DURABLE – The MO Team did a fantastic job creating a fabric that is quite, durable and waterproof. Made from 100% Poly Oxford fabric and treated with a DWR on the outside making it waterproof and 2X PU Coating on the inside to prevent shadowing. The NEW zippered entry door features heavy duty #8 zippers for a smooth, quite operation. Weighted draw cord system at the base to secure it to the stand as well as stake points if you’re on the ground. Available in MO Obsession & Breakup Patterns.
  • ACCESSORIES – The Chameleon+ includes a carry bag with two exterior straps to receive the TM100. There are two 6’ long ratchet straps for attaching the TM100 to the tree. The TM100 also features and receiver for our Bow Holder (BH100 (sold separately)) which is design to hang bows and crossbows neatly above you and out of the way. The BH100 swivels for both left or right-handed hunters. The NEW Quiet Slide Windows allow you to stay 100% concealed until you’re ready to shoot.

The NEW Chameleon+ is the ultimate in tree stand blinds. We have listened to our hunters and made the following changes in the NEW 2020 Chameleon+:

1. No more hook and loop! We've added zippers to the roof for fast installation and a guaranteed fit every time.
2. No more broken rods with our NEW Double Hexagon Rod System for added stability and support.
3. No more climbing in under the blind with the new zippered doors in the front of the blind.
4. NEW Quiet Slide windows for fast access to take your shot.
5. Wet print, high quality fabric, by MO, for a longer life of the product with little to no fading.
6. The new TM100 is included to make installation easier, faster and most important, safer.

Add amazing coverage to your existing tree stand with the Chameleon+ Hunting Blind in MO Breakup or NWTF Obsession Patterns. The Chameleon+ is an innovative way to get that shooting house effect without all the expense and hassle. Our Gun Hunting Blinds have been engineered to be lightweight and collapsible - thus making it transportable to virtually anywhere you can imagine. By utilizing the TM100, the weighted draw cord system and the NEW double hexagon rod system you can reduce 95% of wind movement. Our blinds a made from high quality material and are designed to hold up to the harshest environmental conditions for years. The average customer gets 8-10 years of service from a Chameleon Blind when cared for properly.

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