Cooper Hunting 2020 Big Tom Ground Blind with 3D Leafy Mossy Oak/NWTF Obsession Pattern Designed for Still Hunting or Run and Stalk

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  • NEW NWTF Obsession 3D, by Mossy Oak, provides the ultimate concealment. We use a wet print, taffeta material to prevent abnormal fading, snags, tears and it sheds water. In June of 2020 we will have other camo covers available in Winter, Breakup, Rio and Blades, all by Mossy Oak. These covers are all interchangeable, one frame with multiple patterns gives you an unlimited amount of hunting choices.
  • 1 Year Warranty covers all manufacturer defects on fabric and/or hardware if cared for as directed. If there is a problem, we will strive to resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction.
  • 6 windows 2-piece w/ camouflage mesh outside and solid panel inside. 2-Way Heavy Duty zippers inside and out for multiple shooting window configurations thus preventing the need for shoot through mesh. Works well with shotgun, riffle, crossbow, compound bow, long bow, sling shot or anything else you have. The 3D leaves on the mesh conceals all movement as you watch from behind. If you like to spot and stalk, the top center window is perfect. Two people can easily stalk turkey, deer, elk, etc.
  • Deploys in seconds When you’re run’n & gun’n you need to setup quick. The Big Tom 3D deploys & breaks down in only 2 seconds! Stake it out with the stakes that are provided for a permanent position. If needed there are also “D” rings that may be utilized to secure the blind with paracord. The center support pole has a knuckle which allows the profile of the blind to be setup in three different positions. Whether you’re laying prone, siting on your butt or on a stole there’s a position for you.
  • Includes a carry bag with shoulder strap. At only 7 lbs. the Big Tom is easily transported to anywhere you what to go. Deployed, the Big Tom is 5’ tall and 6’ wide but the carry size is only 4” diameter x 54” long. Large enough for 2 adults to easily stay concealed while hunting.
Whether you like Run’n & Gun’n for those Turkeys or still hunting for -Deer- Waterfowl- Coyote and much more this is the blind for you. With its 72” x 60” of coverage there is plenty of room for you and your hunting partner behind this blind. Includes a carry bag and ground stakes. The Big Tom 3D deploys in only 2 seconds and you are hunting, take down is just as fast.

The Big Tom is an oversized umbrella strictly designed for hunting wild game. It is designed to lay on its side with an adjustable center pole to allow different angles of adjustment which causes the window elevations to raise or lower as needed. There are six windows with a screen on the outside and a solid panel on the inside. All windows can be zipped from either the inside or the outside. The cover also includes brush ties that allow for branches and such to be tied for added concealment. The canter cap on the top of the umbrella can be removed and covers can also be replaced with covers of different patterns which blend in better with the surroundings. The NEW Mossy Oak Obsession, official pattern of the NWTF, in 3D leafy flauge is sure to blend in with the terrain and keep you concealed. The carry bag is double lined for added strength and has a shoulder strap for ease of transporting.

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