BLUEOPS xMAG Smart Dry Fire Magazine - Glock Double Stack 9mm Models (G17, G19, G19X, G26, G34, G45, G47, etc) Includes 2 Smart Training Magazines + 9mm Training Laser (Blueops Lite App Compatible)

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Introducing the BLUEOPS Basic Pack, the ultimate solution for firearm enthusiasts seeking to elevate their training experience to new heights. Designed with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, the BLUEOPS Basic Pack offers a comprehensive training system that is unmatched in its realism, versatility, and effectiveness.

At the core of the BLUEOPS Basic Pack are two units of the revolutionary xMAG Smart Magazines. These innovative devices replicate the look, feel, and function of a real firearm magazine, providing users with a tactile training experience like no other. With realistic round capacity and advanced features such as the Random Jams Simulation, the xMAG Smart Magazines ensure that users are prepared for any situation they may encounter in the field.

But the BLUEOPS Basic Pack goes beyond just hardware – it also includes a powerful companion application that enhances the training experience even further. The application seamlessly integrates with the xMAG Smart Magazines, collecting data during training sessions and analyzing it to provide valuable feedback to the trainee. Whether it's tracking accuracy, speed, or consistency, the application provides detailed insights that enable users to identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time..

Each BLUEOPS Basic Pack comes complete with two units of xMAG Smart Magazines, xLSR proprietary laser cartridge, xLSR removal tool, resistance adjustment and calibration tools. Next up: access to exclusive training resources and other advanced features.

  • COMPATIBILITY - Engineered to perfectly accommodate a variety of Glock 9mm Double Stack models including the popular G17, G19, G19X, G26, G34, G45, G47 and beyond. Plus, it's compatible with most 9mm Double Stack Glock Clones on the market today
  • TRAIN WITH YOUR OWN FIREARM - Perfect your skills using your personal handgun and rig setup without the need for modifications or external fixtures. Enhance muscle memory and elevate your training to new levels of authenticity.
  • TACTILE SIMULATION - xMAG's innovative electronic dry fire simulation delivers crisp tactile feedback with every simulated shot. Additionally, xMAG seamlessly pairs with xLASR, our exclusive laser cartridge, emitting a simulated shot each round.
  • ROUND CAPACITY AND RANDOM JAMS - Enhance your training experience with the cutting-edge Round Capacity and Random Jams simulation features. Elevate your sessions by customizing your xMAG smart magazines with preferred round counts, and introduce simulated random jams to create dynamic and realistic training scenarios
  • PERFECT YOUR TRAINING WITH UNPARALLELED REALISM - Two Is One, And One Is None. Enhance the effectiveness of your training sessions by incorporating the two included xMAG units, meticulously crafted for optimal drop safety. Immerse yourself in realistic scenarios, allowing you to hone your skills with assurance and achieve muscle memory precision
  • DATA DRIVEN DRY FIRE TRAINING - Leverage the complimentary BLUEOPS Lite app as your go-to tool for tracking progress, setting personal challenges, and immersing yourself in digital showdowns against the formidable BLUEOPS Bot. Stay on top of your game, monitor your advancement, and enjoy the thrill of competitive engagement, all within the convenience of this user-friendly application

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