Advanced Laser Training Pistol SF25 (M&P) with RED Visible Laser (Class I)

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The Training Laser Gun is designed to teach proper gun handling skills. It features SureStrike Cartridge - IR or Red Laser: provides immediate feedback on shots. This enables improving target acquisition, stance and accuracy. The front laser emits an eye safe Class IIIa beam. Power Output is less than 5mW and completely safe. The device has many features that help the shooter improve their shooting skills and safety.

  • TRAIN FOR PROPER TRIGGER DISCIPLINE- Trains the shooter to use proper gun handling and trigger discipline by sounding an alarm any time the finger falls inside the trigger guard without being placed on the trigger.
  • MODELED AFTER M&P- This Advanced Laser Training Pistol (ATLP) is modeled after the M&P pistol, and will fit most M&P style holsters, as well as most Sig320 style holsters.
  • IDEAL TRAINING TOOL- The Advanced Laser Training Pistol (ATLP) is an ideal training tool for instructors to use not only with young shooters, but with new shooters of any age to train them from the ground up with proper trigger discipline.
  • SAFELY TRAIN DRAWING FROM THE HOLSTER- Great option for training drawing from the holster to ensure proper trigger discipline, thus avoiding accidental or negligent discharges of one's firearm.
  • EQUIPPED WITH LASER (CLASS I)- This training pistol comes pre-equipped with either an IR laser or red visible laser (depending on option chosen) for optimal dry fire laser simulated training in the comfort of your own home.

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