610 Retriever Pro Bow Fishing Reel - Right hand




  • 17 Inches of Line Retrieved Per Revolution of the Handle
  • 25 Yards of 200 Pound Line
  • Easy Installation and Adjustment
  • Made in the USA over 35 Years!
  • Simple operation - no buttons to push before the shot

TheAMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro is perfect for any one who enjoys bowfishing. This premium bowfishing reel features a drag-less design and intuitive trigger to engage the reel for fast retrieving. With a telescoping clamp, theAMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro is easily adjustable to fit all types of shooters both large and small. Durable and ready for abuse, theAMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro is built from tough plastic and metal components and it wont corrode so its great for salt and freshwater use!

No buttons to push before the shot
Telescoping reel clamp fits all shooters
Corrosion-resistant, saltwater and freshwater use
Tournament proven and tested
UV-Resistent, transparent blue line bottle with high visibility
200-lb test Dacron line included
Right or Left hand models available

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