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Laser Ammo is happy to announce the first affordable judgmental and marksmanship shooting simulator - the Smokeless Range for practicing with your own firearm or Airsoft at your convenience at home. Practice your Fast Draw, IPSIC, IPDA, or your home defense or hunting skills with your favorite pistol, Shot gun or hunting gun. Use red or IR Sure Strike or any of our Laser Airsoft solutions like the LA FLASH or the Recoil Enabled Airsoft Laser (R.E.A.L) Conversion Kit, with the provided 10 different shooting scenarios. You can also download any of the thousands free flash shooting games from the internet! The Smokeless Range includes a high speed camera for IR and Red Lasers, 5 different marksmanship drills, and 5 additional recreational drills.

  • INCLUDES SMOKELESS RANGE SYSTEM- The Smokeless Range system comes pre-equipped with ten different training programs, as well as a high speed camera for use with the system. Included training programs include the following: Bomb Blast, Can Toss, Dueling Tree, Target Shooting, Trap Shooting, Match Target Drill, Moving Target Drill, Speed Drill, Tracking Drill, and Transitional Drill.
  • MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS- Minimum system requirements are available on the Laser Ammo website ( as customer will be using their own computer or laptop in their home
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE- While the preferred method is to use in conjunction with a projector and screen (or white wall), you can also use the Smokeless Range system with your television.
  • TWO WEEK DEMO AVAILABLE- Visit the Laser Ammo website for a free two week trial of the included software that you will receive with the Smokeless Range (
  • IDEAL FOR ALL- The included marksmanship and recreational training drills are ideal for both the recreational shooter, as well as competitive shooters looking to keep their skills sharp, while in the comfort of their own home!

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