SIONYX Aurora Black I True-Color Digital Night Vision Monocular Review

With the slogan “Experience The World's Most Advanced Color Night Vision” SIONYX introduced Aurora as an Ultra Low-Light Digital Camera Systems that can turn night into day. The Aurora is a portable camera designed to capture still pictures and videos in the color mode under lower lighting problems, in addition, to supply the best night vision capability.

The camera is advertised for outdoor enthusiasts (e.g., boaters, fishermen, hunters, hikers) who need to view at nighttime and may want to capture their night time actions. At a list price of $549.95 in Middletown Outdoors, it's greater than an impulse buys, but it pledges some amazing abilities.

Essential features:

'Ultra-lower-light' 1"-variety CMOS indicator

1280x720 resolution (stills and video)

16mm (47mm Equiv) lens

3 snapping shots methods: Nighttime (F1.4), Twilight (F2.), and Time (F5.6)

Image stabilization

Video clip body costs from 7.5 to 60 fps

OLED viewfinder

IP67 water-proof

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Night Vision:

The SiOnyx Aurora incorporates a one in type ultra lower light CMOS detector responsive to both apparent and infrared light-weight effective at recording stills and movies either in monochrome or coloration, however, it's limited to shooting stills and movie at 1280x720 quality.

This solution might appear reduced by today's requirements but it makes sense for any nighttime perspective digicam. In everyday photography pixel size has very little effect on image quality, other than that small pixels give more detail. However, the tiny advantage that large pixels can have can become significant in extreme low-light situations, which means a night vision camera is one of the few instances where bigger pixels offer a recognizable benefit.

Image resolution and pixel sizing apart, as soon as we picked up the Aurora it started to be noticeable that its small dimension and light-weight have been likely to set this camera in the personal group. This type of water-resilient Aurora is 11.7 cm (4.6") long and weighs about only 227 g (8 oz) therefore it matches easily in the jacket budget. Its transport ability and the fact that a tripod is not needed to take during the night means that the Aurora might still be within easy reach and ready to shoot.

The night vision setting has three coloration adjustments collectively called ‘Night Glow’: Grayscale and Natural, each useful when there's virtually no man-made light-weight and barely any sunlight and Nighttime Coloration, helpful when watching colors is essential, as in the case of the Upper Lighting.

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Position, Emphasis, and Shooting in Dark:

The advantages of the Aurora for searching, angling, along with other outside lovers are incredibly evident, having said that we desired to discover how valuable it would be to record a movie in the Upper Lighting fixtures. Since usually, the Upper Lighting relocate slowly, time-lapse taking photos with exposures of various secs is the ideal technique to seize them. That way, we receive to record far more gentle with long exposures and we get to compress (or speed up) time by actively playing the frames with a greater rate compared to those from which these people were considered.

Nevertheless, time-lapse photography might not be the best technique to capture a substorm: the sudden brightening and increased movement of auroral arcs that can last for tens of minutes. During a substorm, the lower end of an aurora curtain can move at speeds exceeding 5 km/s and look motion-blurred in time-lapse sequences. The higher frame rate of video works better to capture the substorm motion, but the shorter exposure for each frame results in lower signal-to-noise ratios and lower image quality.

We set up the camera towards the Night Color method, the frame rate to 30p, and set up the concentration to infinity. After a substorm started all we needed to perform was to accept the digital camera away from our wallet, turn it on, and hit record. The digital viewfinder (EVF) explains exactly what you are taking so, it is a very easy task to position, shoot, and stick to your subject matter.

The SiOnyx Aurora delivers JPEG Images and MOV (H.264) videos with mp3. Unless otherwise documented, photos on this page are support frames from video files. To evaluate the grade of a JPEG with the caliber of a youtube video frame, we have captured an image in Color Nighttime function (F1.4) with an exposure of 1/30 sec at ISO 20,000 and when compared it using a structure of the video clip of the identical picture colored Night setting (F1.4) at 30p. We could only think that the chosen ISO (the Aurora always functions in Vehicle ISO) was 20,000 at the same time.

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The video framework appears cleaner and also the appearance of the end slightly sharper nevertheless the shadows are clipped. This might be caused by furthermore picture processing and video pressure. One clear good thing about shooting stills is the capability to acquire exposures provided that 1.5 moments.

Extraordinary Capabilities:

The Aurora is packed with capturing capabilities such as shutter speeds from 1.5 sec to 1/8,000 sec, burst open setting (2.5, 5, or 10p), HDR, personal-timer (2, 5, or 12 sec), panorama (up to 180 degrees in panorama or portrait method), and time-lapse. The video frame covers anything from 7.5 to 120p. The Aurora also has capabilities of Electrical Picture Stabilization and remote operating with help of the SiOnyx portable app (iOS and Android).

Not only will the Aurora record movies and take high-quality pictures at night, although the list includes wildlife watching, camping, boating, angling, as well as other nocturnal actions list is very long.

We feel it's important to stress what the digital camera is not really for. It's neither made for taking substantial-quality pictures for prints or HD monitors nor for shooting video for specialist shows. Consequently, it is not in the identical class as very low-gentle mirrorless camcorders or DSLRs. The camera is very helpful as being a device to do activities in the dark—especially when protection could possibly be an issue—and to seize outdoor routines as well as capturing nature at night in an enjoyable and simple way.

Why user’s like Aurora :

  1. Pocketable, constantly along with you sizing

  2. Very easy to run in the dark

  3. Sufficient image quality for instructional use or social media marketing

  4. Image stabilization

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Bought my SiOnyx camera about a week ago. All I can say is that this is definitely one of a kind. It has so many uses that it cannot directly be compared to any one device. For it’s price, it’s very fair. I did a little digging and found a youtube video for any one who wants a review they can watch. All in all, an amazing device with a great future.


It would seem to me that a review of a product like this ought to have numerous examples of video that the camera actually shot. Makes me wonder if it isn’t as good as the review says it is.

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